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FIRE after 50

FIRE Starters – Discovering FIRE After 50 Deb Jacobs

POST Later2FIRE Deb Jacobs is among the growing number of people discovering FIRE After 50. In fact, her website is called FIAfter50. Her goal is to help others who are Later2FIRE find their way. Deb grew up during a time of Cinderella expectations. She believed she would marry Prince Charming who would provide for her.

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amy blacklock

FW 006 Life Zemplified Amy Blacklock from LifeZemplified

PODCAST LATER2FIRE Show Notes   Amy Blacklock is involved in 3 websites: LifeZemplified – her journey WomenWhoMoney – help to improve financial literacy for women Women’s Money Talk – geared to women over 45 We met Amy Blacklock at FinCon 2019 She was featured in a article: These Late Savers Are On Track to

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2019 FIREwalkers Year in Review FIREwalkers and Retire Hoppy

POST As year end approaches, it’s time to review accomplishments and opportunities to improve the content we produce – blog posts, podcasts, newsletters and videos. Our goal is to make FIREwalkers a valuable source of information and inspiration. For more about FIREwalkers, check out our FAQs. Before diving in, I want to take a moment

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growth mindset

FW 005 Growth Mindset How to develop a growth mindset

PODCAST Show Notes Our guest is Matt who talks about having a fixed vs growth mindset Matt started his blog Method to Your Money in Oct 2017 His wife challenged him to learn more about finance His blog tag line is methods and mindsets to inspire your finances Given how much information is available on finances, Matt

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Our goal is to empower you to live your life by following the path to FIRE.

Here are some of the ways that we empower you.


Our podcast will inform, inspire and motivate you by sharing personal, relatable stories, experience and expertise.


Whether you're 25 and just starting your journey or later 2 FIRE, our blog posts provide strategies and tactics that will empower you to make the best decisions for you.


Our YouTube presentations dive deep into personal finance topics and retirement.


We offer downloads of tools and provide references to other useful content.

The Path to FI

One of the reasons people choose not to do something is because “it’s too complicated”. Well one of the good things about FIRE is that it is not too complicated. In fact,  it is very straight forward.


Curiosity leads to awareness of new possibilities.


Many people are stuck with the belief they can't change. But it is possible to develop a growth money mindset.

Close the Gap

Get your level of financial literacy to at least "saver" (click icon). Identify and obtain the resources you need.


Calculate your FI number; create your budget; and set goals.

Just Do It

Make lifestyle changes that support your goals; stay connected with your community; and adjust as necessary. FI is not about sacrifice. Live below your means, spend wisely, enjoy life!


Or not. FI doesn't require the RE (Retire Early) part. FI means work is a choice.

Later 2 FIRE

We believe that the principles and strategies employed by the FIRE  community offer inspiration, motivation and a way forward for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers who are behind in saving for retirement

5 Principles of FIRE

1. Anyone can achieve FIRE 2. Have a growth mindset 3. Save prodigiously 4. Invest efficiently 5. Retirement is flexible


FIREwalkers develop strategies for increasing income, reducing spending, maximizing savings, efficient investing and their "why of FI". They develop a plan that ties it all together.


One of the great things about the path to FIRE is that you have community to support you. There are online communities comprised of bloggers, vloggers and podcasters who share content on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. There are also in-person meetups, campfi and FinCon.

Call to Action

For anyone interested in learning more about Late 2 FIRE.