2019 FIREwalkers Year in Review FIREwalkers and Retire Hoppy


POST As year end approaches, it’s time to review accomplishments and opportunities to improve the content we produce – blog posts, podcasts, newsletters and videos. Our goal is to make FIREwalkers a valuable source of information and inspiration. For more about FIREwalkers, check out our FAQs.

Before diving in, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who read an article, listened to a podcast, watched a video, left a comment, liked us, subscribed or gave a review. For 2020 we ask you to help us spread the word about FIREwalkers by sharing content with family, friends and colleagues. Together we can improve financial literacy and inspire people to develop good money habits to get them on the road to Financial Independence!

Executive Summary

The most important and impactful development of 2019 was our decision to focus on FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). The idea to shift more of our content to FIRE occurred when we were brainstorming new ideas for season 3 of the Retire Hoppy podcast. As one idea after another fizzled out, we asked “why not just create a new podcast”? The decision to focus on FIRE was easy because we love personal finance, support improving financial literacy and had already joined the FIRE community via Twitter. So in October and the FIREwalkers podcast were born. FYI, Retire Hoppy isn’t going away, just the podcast. We will continue to write about retirement and produce our fun audio “beer segment” which is now called the “Hop Spot” and is available in podcast Show Notes.

2019 highlights

  • Immersed ourselves in the FIRE community by attending FinCon 2019.
  • Became FIRE content generalists with a specialty. As generalists, we produce content that applies to people of any age and occupation. As specialists, we create content directed to an under-represented niche – people over 50. We brand that content as Later2FIRE.
  • Experienced growth in our YouTube channel and Twitter followers.
  • Established new and promising connections with like-minded content creators.

Opportunities for Improvement

  • Audience growth especially for the FIREwalkers podcast.
  • Increase audience participation especially more comments on articles and podcast reviews.

2020 Goal

  • We want the organizers of FinCon 2020 to include a learning track or panel discussion about FIRE for people over 50.

Most Popular


By the Numbers


  • 762 hours watched
  • 97 total likes
  • Most views ever – The Six Stages of Retirement – over 14,000 views


  • Grew newsletter audience by 8%
  • Average number of opens: 52.8%


  • Released 23 episodes: 18 Retire Hoppy and 5 FIREwalkers


  • saw an increase of 7.5% new users, 3.8% new sessions and 8.6% session duration.


  • Number of Twitter followers grew to 630. Note that all growth is “organic”.


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