About Us

Media people in the FI space tend to align themselves along lines of occupation (i.e physicians, teachers, etc.), specialty (i.e. investing, real estate, etc.) or generation (i.e. millennial, Gen X, etc.). We see ourselves as generalists across these alignments and we also aspire to serve a niche that we call “late to FIRE”.

I'm an example of a regular person who achieved financial independence and retired early. For the past 5 years I've written and hosted a podcast about personal finance and retirement because I want to empower you to have the same opportunities that I had.
Ted Carr
FIRE blogger and podcaster
I didn't become financially independent through entrepreneurship or stock options. I achieved FI by living below my means, saving and investing. My career was in finance and accounting which kept me gainfully employed through even the toughest of times. Retiring early enables me to spend time doing what means the most to me.
Claire Carr
Artist and FIRE podcaster
I spent my career as a digital circuit engineer so I wasn't wired to be a finance person. But I did achieve FI early. I use a financial planner to manage my investments. I lead a minimalist lifestyle. I don't buy what I don't need and I'm severely debt-averse. It’s all common sense. At least for me.
Roy Weinberg
Musician and FIRE podcaster