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Show Notes


  • Amy Blacklock is involved in 3 websites:
    1. LifeZemplified – her journey
    2. WomenWhoMoney – help to improve financial literacy for women
    3. Women’s Money Talk – geared to women over 45
  • We met Amy Blacklock at FinCon 2019
  • She was featured in a article: These Late Savers Are On Track to Hit FI
  • Amy’s life before FIRE was typical of most people. She equated continued success and life progress with the acquisition of material wealth.
  • During Amy’s first marriage she fell into a pattern of lifestyle inflation: more expensive cars and houses. She didn’t save as much as she should have.
  • She remarried and was still in spend mode. They bought an expensive Jeep Wrangler. But there was some unrest in her life.
  • That led her to do more reading which eventually led her to the Mr. Money Mustache blog where she learned about FIRE.
  • Her biggest take-away was to learn to put her ego aside. For example, cars as just transportation. So she exchanged her expensive Jeep Rangler for a Ford Focus.
  • Amy describes her “why of FI” as travel which she didn’t do a lot of when she was raising her family.
  • She describes her spending style today as mindful. She prefers experiences to things.
  • Some of her friends and colleagues see her frugality as a step back.
  • Her net worth came a long way in just 8 years.
  • She says that the best thing about FI is that it gives you freedom to do what you want.
  • One of her current projects is writing about conservatorship.
  • One thing she would do differently is to start sooner.
  • Amy says that even if you’re 50 or older, that there’s a lot to be gained by pursuing FI.
  • For more information about Later2FIRE, read Why It’s Not Too Late to Join the FIRE Movement

Hop Spot

Roy tastes a Corona Imperial which he is drinking because of its low carbs (he’s on the Keto diet). I taste Athletic Brewing Company’s Run Wild IPA which I think is the best tasting non-alcoholic beer I’ve tried – so far.

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