FW 008 The Power of Tiny Habits and Coaching with Joe Casey How Tiny Habits and Coaching Make Retirement and Life Better

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Show Notes

  • Joe Casey, founder of the Retirement Wisdom blog and podcast, talks about tiny habits and coaching.
  • He worked in HR for 26 years for the same company.
  • He took early retirement to pursue a new career as an executive coach.
  • Retirement Wisdom has 6 retirement coaches who help people with the non-financial side of retirement.
  • Most of his clients have achieved financial security.
  • 43% of our daily actions are attributable to habits.
  • Scientists believe that we are hard-wired to take shortcuts while conserving energy.
  • Joe is a certified as a tiny habit coach with an organization called Tiny Habits . It was founded by B J Fogg who also founded of Stanford University’s Behavior Design lab.
  • His method is BMAP: Behavior, Motivation, Ability and Prompt.
  • Underneath that is Tiny Habits. Behaviors you want to do and not should do. Look for motivation and opportunities to make the behavior easy to do. It follows a 3 step process.
    1. The anchor – find something you always do and identify the very last thing in that process. Use that as the anchor.
    2. Define the new habit you want to create.
    3. Celebrate success. Positive emotion drives habit formation.
  • Tiny habits are versatile. It can be used to achieve any aspiration you have.
  • Joe gives an example of how to go about improving time management.
  • Coaches help clients become introspective. They create time and space for that.
  • Small improvements add up.
  • Sometimes a crisis or a change such as moving can supply motivation to change which is how Katie from Along the Camel Ride changed her spending habits.
  • Willpower provides the energy to take steps.
  • Tiny habits looks for the “sweet spot” where motivation is high and the behavior is easy to do.
  • Focus mapping is a way to look at what prompts trigger behaviors.
  • One way to break bad spending habits is to avoid or change prompts such as receiving sales newsletters or carrying credit cards.
  • Instead of saying I’m not going to buy clothes for a year, instead say I’m not going to buy clothes for a week.
  • Automating savings essentially is automating a habit. The decision to automate facilitates making other positive decisions.
  • B J Fogg has a free 5 day program to build tiny habits which is a good place to start.
  • Retirement Wisdom offers a free consultation to everyone.
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