This page aggregates all content that pertains to people who are later to join the FIRE movement.  
FIRE after 50

FIRE Starters – Discovering FIRE After 50 Deb Jacobs

POST Later2FIRE Deb Jacobs is among the growing number of people discovering FIRE After 50. In fact, her website is called FIAfter50. Her goal is to help others who are Later2FIRE find their way. Deb grew up during a time of Cinderella expectations. She believed she would marry Prince Charming who would provide for her.

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amy blacklock

FW 006 Life Zemplified Amy Blacklock from LifeZemplified

PODCAST LATER2FIRE Show Notes   Amy Blacklock is involved in 3 websites: LifeZemplified – her journey WomenWhoMoney – help to improve financial literacy for women Women’s Money Talk – geared to women over 45 We met Amy Blacklock at FinCon 2019 She was featured in a article: These Late Savers Are On Track to

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2019 FIREwalkers Year in Review FIREwalkers and Retire Hoppy

POST As year end approaches, it’s time to review accomplishments and opportunities to improve the content we produce – blog posts, podcasts, newsletters and videos. Our goal is to make FIREwalkers a valuable source of information and inspiration. For more about FIREwalkers, check out our FAQs. Before diving in, I want to take a moment

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