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amy blacklock

FW 006 Life Zemplified Amy Blacklock from LifeZemplified

PODCAST LATER2FIRE Show Notes   Amy Blacklock is involved in 3 websites: LifeZemplified – her journey WomenWhoMoney – help to improve financial literacy for women Women’s Money Talk – geared to women over 45 We met Amy Blacklock at FinCon 2019 She was featured in a CNBC.com article: These Late Savers Are On Track to

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growth mindset

FW 005 Growth Mindset How to develop a growth mindset

PODCAST Show Notes Our guest is Matt who talks about having a fixed vs growth mindset Matt started his blog Method to Your Money in Oct 2017 His wife challenged him to learn more about finance His blog tag line is methods and mindsets to inspire your finances Given how much information is available on finances, Matt

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along the camel ride

FW 004 Along the Camel RIde

PODCAST Show Notes Katie, founder of Along the Camel Ride,  is a 40 year old single nurse living in Philadelphia Learned a lot from FrugalWoods about how to lower expenses Raised by frugal parents who passed on those good habits Her parents invested in the Wellington Fund which completely funded her undergraduate college expenses. She

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FinCon 2019 V4

FW 003 Live at FinCon 2019

PODCAST Show Notes This episode was recorded live at FinCon 2019 from the Washington DC Hilton September 2019. The show features 8 short interviews with: Dragon Guy and Dragon Gal from Dragons on FIRE Joanne from MoneyGodmotherBlog Steven from RxforFIRE Claudia from MsEngineeredWealth Becky from TwentyFree Dryden from SacredMoneyStudios Kathe Kline from RockYourRetirement Bob Wheeler from TheMoneyNerve

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